In Spring 2021, an intensive residency held at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens will take place, company members; Nicole Vivien Watson, Christopher Fonseca, Charlie Dearnley, Alex Rowland, Graham Patterson and Tom White, will welcome five disabled and non-disabled artists living in Athens to the activity. Collectively we will begin understanding the full capabilities of SUBPAC technology.

SUBPAC’s interactive capabilities will guide a new choreographic methodology; It is our understating that the use of SUBPAC’s within a dance studio environment is an entirely new field of exploration. The development and learning opportunities that this proposal will render have the capacity to critically enhance and inform known and traditional methods of participation and performance. By collaborating with highly skilled artists, this inter-cultural opportunity will provide a nurturing environment, that is responsive to the efficacy and innovation of this activity.

With thanks to support from the John S. Latsis, Public Benefit Foundation