Surface Area Dance Theatre CIO is pleased to announce that Cultural Worker Joel Daniel has joined the charity’s esteemed Board of Trustees.

Joel’s appointment supports all charity members in ensuring that equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion are consistently at the forefront of our work, pledges, and commitments.

Joel, after leaving the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, has been involved in various performance genres and perspectives, such as movement direction and choreography. In 2019, he retrained as a primary school teacher but was pulled back into the world of movement at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

He teaches movement to actors and Embodied Voice. For the last two years, he has worked as the school’s anti-racism advocate, facilitating spaces for transparency and student-led action. He has also co-chaired the anti-racism working group within the school.

In actors’ movement, he works to empower students through movement, guiding them to access greater physical awareness and creative freedom, finding the truths in the movements they create for the character, and considering what these will mean for themselves, their audiences, and the stories they will be a part of on stage.

Sharing has always played a role in Joel’s interactions in life and work. Still, after reading the article “Cultural Worker not Creative,” there has been a shift toward the idea of cultural work in a more specific way. He now wants to curate this as a value set in moving forward. He ensures that continued work has cultural and political impact and significance, even when working one-on-one.