Surface Area Dance Theatre are delighted to extend an open and warm welcome to Laura Alise Lydon.

Laura joins the company in residence at Barbican next week—taking part in activities, and creative professional development opportunities. Acknowledging that students across the country have experienced a deficit in learning over the past year is the first step; providing opportunities in work-based experiences is one way the sector can support students to feel confident, and prepared in transitioning from educational programmes to professional environments.
Thank you for joining us, Laura, we look forward to the weeks ahead and many future conversations.

Laura Alise Lydon; I am a 21-year-old contemporary dance artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK); over the past three years, I have studied for my degree at Dance City and have explored an artistic practice in dance and choreography. During my time on the degree, I have actively participated in local dance performances by various artists and a range of music videos.

Exploration and experimentation are important factors in my artistic practice—I keep an open mind in all aspects of life, welcoming inspirations and ideas. My outlook echoes how I dance, which predominantly focuses on improvised movement. I believe this to be the purest method when supporting the body to move instinctively, within performative or personal pathways. Improvisation can release a very intrinsic and natural being within oneself, I love working in and around it as an art form that provides unlimited abilities.

Laura Alise Lydon photographed by
Megan Jepson, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2021.