Sincere thanks to the Grants Committee of the Henry Moore Foundation for awarding support to enable processes of research integral to sculptor Graham Pattersons’ collaboration with Surface Area Dance Theatre, and a future partnership with the New Art Centre — leading to live performances at the Centre and Sculpture Gardens in May 2022.

We are excited to delve further into the often natural-forming relationship between sculpture and dance, time and space. Further news and process records will follow as they arrive.

The Henry Moore Foundation was able to confirm support for 26 projects from around the world. In the eyes of the Committee, each of those projects will make an important contribution to the study, and/or development of sculpture.

Thank you for your support and interest.

Image 1, Graham Patterson working on the Northumberland coastline, 2020.

Image 2, Alex Rowland activating Graham Patterson’s set-sculpture, Dance City, 2020. Photography by Paul Miller.