The two performances will bring a new, exciting interpretation and conversation between the three artists, Rugg, Watson and White. The dance ‘Points & Pathways’ has been inspired by and will be performed amongst Rugg’s captivating hanging wire sculptures called the Anatomy series. The dancer’s movement and soundscape have been directly inspired by Rugg’s materials and way of working, which often exemplifies the term coined by Victor Pasmore, “the developing process”. This process, in which adaption and reappropriation are in constant flux, are added to and reassembled into something new. Making and applying contact, whether physical, virtual, or imagined, is a set of ideas that Watson and White apply to much of their work. As long-standing collaborators, the pair often expose the inner workings of performances by creating space and time for creative processes to inform performed actions. The attitude of performing improvised material is naturally energised; during this performance, Watson and White seek to contain and re-use the energy of Rugg’s sculptures within the sound and movements they perform. Although these two performances will be similar, space has been allowed for improvisation and exchange. Therefore, each performance will be different and completely unique.

Each performance will last approximately 25 min – 30 mins. Please make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the dance commences. The performance will be using the whole gallery space in the final room of the exhibition; therefore, you will need to be directed where to stand or sit for the duration of the event when you arrive. If you or your party have any accessible requirements, please let us know.