We are delighted by Dr Fusako Innami’s Surface Area Dance Theatre Trustee appointment. Fusako joins our board at a crucial time in the charity’s development, and we are grateful to Fusako and our board of distinct Trustees for their support and continued social investment. 🌱

Fusako Innami is an associate professor in Japanese and Performance Studies at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Durham University, and the author of Touching the Unreachable: Writing, Skinship, Modern Japan (2021). She has published works on the body and the senses, intimacy, and sleep. Along with her performance practices, she has also long contributed to articles on the performing arts and commissioned works for organisations, including the Bunkamura cultural complex in Tokyo, the Japanese performing arts journal Danceart and Glyndebourne Opera in Sussex. Her current book project engages with embodied performance practices as transcultural interactions and collaborations that have advanced the understanding of phenomenal bodies. Overlappingly, she has run a series of symposia, ‘Translating Embodiedness’ with interdisciplinary scholars, and dance workshops in Japan, ‘Touch: Migrating Embodiedness’, to translate literary touch back to moving bodies.