Louise Stern visited last week to facilitate an afternoon of creative writing and conversation. Louise and participants shared hours thinking, and rethinking how connected/disconnected words and language are from truth and value.

Director Nicole Vivien Watson met Louise last year after watching a BSL Zone programme dedicated to Louise’s remarkable life journey. Louise and Nicole sat in a park close to Louise’s home in South London and chatted, drinking coffee. Louise loves to laugh and wears learning and talents with such a sparkly lightness of touch—as often inspirational people do. Sending thanks and gratitude to Louise on International Women’s Day 2022. #breakthebias

*Born 1978 in California, London-based artist and writer Louise Stern uses various forms of language to explore communication and isolation. Attending the California School for the Deaf, Fremont, Stern grew up in an exclusively deaf community (fourth-generation deaf on her father’s side, and third-generation on her mother’s side), and saw in literature and visual language a way to investigate and liberate.

As an artist Stern’s works have been exhibited in Geneva, Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, and London, and as a writer, she was the founder and publisher of Maurice 2002-2009, a contemporary art magazine for children.

Photography by Chris Younger, 2022.