Charlie acknowledges and melts binaries within their own identity, celebrating fluidity and queerness and in turn addressing the binary structures and strictures that constitute our western capitalist society.

They create psychedelic spoken word and music as ‘Dear Annie’, make collaborative performances as ‘acharacter’ and help to run the independent record label ‘ØKSIS collect’. They also facilitate improvisation workshops, focusing on embodiment and exploring movement through sensation, prompted by visualisation. Charlie has received commissions to create performances for Dance City, Embassy GalleryFuture Everything Festival and Breeze Creatives, alongside presenting work at venues nationally and internationally, including for the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, the International Conference on Live Coding in Canada and Glasgow International.

Charlie has worked as a performer for, (among others) Surface Area Dance Theatre, Peter Groom Dance Theatre, Lizzie J Klotz, Chisato Minamimura, State of Grace Physical Theatre and SPARK! LED drummers. Charlie also works for Family Lives volunteering on their support helpline, they have co-led sessions with the Comfrey Project – a charity which works with refugees and people seeking asylum, and they are currently undertaking an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton.