“For Side Down, Tom White offers up two contrasting sides of ear debris culled from a recent performance (the last before our new reality set in) and a collaborative dance work. ‘No script on set’ is a deft re-imagining of a piece originally made for 8-channels. Losing none of its space or atmosphere as sounds zip around the stereo field, the composition conjures different architectures as a metallic glistening sounds out in tightly wound space, then mutates into a cavernous echo. Field recordings emerge, familiar yet hard to pin down, place names held back as electronic tones thread through water drops to breathe a sigh of relief. ‘Behind the face of a rock, throwing stones (Rehearsal Music)’ is part of an ongoing project with the dance company Surface Area (choreographed by Nicole Vivien Watson), a collective project comprised of deaf and hearing artists. The project explores British Sign Language, D/deaf culture, Japanese culture and Butoh. The music is sensitive to the collaboration – playing with heard and felt sensation, working with sounds’ potential for moving the body. The sonic palette is more paired back than the first piece, it pulses and builds, creating space in which both deaf and hearing bodies can respond to the sonic textures and chattering objects, or the non-cochlear resonances that can be felt in the body. ”
Ben Ellul-Knight
Glasgow, August 2020